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Embarking on this journey was scary but also rewarding. At the end of the day as Gary Vaynerchuk says: "You are going to fucking die". 

These words make a lot of sense when you drill down into it. Why don't you just do it? What are the downsides?

You fail?

- It doesn't really matter because you are going to die anyway.

- Many others have failed before us.

- You can always try again with something else but as long as you try what is the difference?


People laughed at Kim Kardashian when she first came onto the scene, now she is probably the world's biggest influencer. People will judge no matter what, all that matters is that you try and you become a better person for doing so. 


For me, as a more naturally introverted person, it's hard for me to put myself out there but why the hell shouldn't I, or why the hell shouldn't you do the same? 


This is only a small snippet of my thoughts on the matter at the moment, to see if anyone will take these few words written here and actually take it on. Or whether you use it as one of the pieces you see and look up to, time will only tell. All I can say is, just give it a shot. I have and I feel better for doing it... 

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